IWI Tavor TAR-21 .223 Rem

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IWI Tavor TAR-21

The Tavor TAR-21 Assault Rifle has been designed to keep up with the dynamic demand of the modern battle field. Used and designed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Coming with all the versatility and ambidextrous features you’ll need makes this innovative design a front runner for this technologically advanced firearm.

Having the 18.7″ Barrel means that this rifle is classed as Non-Restricted so take this guy into the bush and plink away all day. It’s lightweight balanced designed makes it easy for those days out in the field shooting varmints, or out on the range shooting 3-gun. Accepts AR-15 Magazines so LAR-15 Mags are compatible to get a few more rounds into your rifle. The Tavor comes with great features like built in back up sights integrated into your top receiver rail, Mag release ergonomically located for a quick mag change. Additional Trigger packs and Trigger Bows are available for these if you want to further improve how this rifle fires.


  • Bullpup configuration puts the weight towards the shooter
  • Ergonomic design
  • 5/30 Round Magazine included with each rifle
  • Body is comprised of High Density Polymer
  • Removable barrel with little ¬†work
  • Comes with integrated with flip up back up sights
  • 100% ambidextrous upon purchasing a left hand bolt
  • Features ‘OTB’ (Over-the-Breah) capability allows it to be safely fired after being submerged in water
  • Field Stripping is quick and easy
  • High Interchangeability with parts of the Tavor Family
  • Comes with last round stopper
  • Corrosion resistant parts (for all metal parts)
  • Efficient Recoil Absorbent butt pad
  • Increased target hit ratio under fatigue and pressure
  • Extreme reliability under extreme conditions
  • Benefit of a short rifle with long barrel accuracy


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