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Hunt Group XP2 12 Ga. 4+1 w/Chokes


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Product Description


Manufacturer:  Oncu Silah Sanayi

Brand Name: Hunt Group
Country: Turkey

Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, Managed in Canada by TWI



Category: Shotgun

Classification (Canada): Non-Restricted

Type/Action: Pump Action
Model No.: XP2


Calibre: 12GA

Chamber: 3” (Accepts 2-3/4” & 3” Shotgun Shells)
Capacity: 4+1
Barrel: 28” Vent Rib Barrel, Chrome Lined, Threaded For Chokes

Chokes: 5 Screw-In Mobile Chokes (F,IM, M, IC,SK)

Front Sight: SIGHT KIT: Bead, Red Fibre Optic, Green Fibre Optic Included

Rear Sight: NA

Optic Mounting: 3/8” Dovetail on Receiver

Stock Type: Fixed, Black, Synthetic, Checkered



Box: Fibre (Cardboard)

Case: NA

Documents: Manual, Warranty Card (Last Pg. of Manual)

Accessories: Choke Kit (5), Shim Kit (5); Sight Kit (3: Bead, Red Fibre Optic, Green Fibre Optic); Ventilated Rubber Recoil Pad; Sling Swivels.

Other: NA



Upper Receiver: 7075 T6 Aluminum, Anodized, Matte Black

Lower Receiver: NA

Barrel: 4140 Steel, Chrome Lined, Matte Black

Locking Block: 4140 Steel

Stock: Black, Synthetic, Checkered

Forend: Black, Synthetic, Ribbed

Recoil Pad: Rubber, Black, Ventilated

Base Plate:  NA

Other: NA



Overall Length, Collapsed: NA

Overall Length, Extended: 49”

Overall Length, Folded: NA

Height: 6-1/2”
Width: 1-7/8”
Weight: 6.8lbs


Brand Information 1: Hunt Group is a Turkish company that exports shotguns for several Turkish Manufacturers.  TWI has partnered with Hunt Group to work more closely with several of our Manufacturing Partners and consolidate shipments (from multiple vendors) into Canada and bring Dealers and Consumers the widest and most advanced product listing on the Canadian market!  More features, better quality and better prices! 

Brand Information 2: As TWI advanced their relationships in Turkey over the last several years, we found that there was a great misconception about who in fact was producing shotguns in Turkey.  Our friends at the RCMP FRT Lab have also been misled in several instances and we have worked closely with them to ensure that accurate information is portrayed in the FRT Table so that all of these goods comply with our laws and requirements. While several ‘popular’ brands still enter Canada under the exporters name(s), TWI has decided that the Manufacturers name and full disclosure are the route that we wish to take when it comes to imports of this nature.  We are also preparing for the UN Arms Marking Treaty and we wish to be on the forward foot this regulation.

Note 1: All Length Measurements are taken with the Flash Hider (if applicable) removed.  All Height and Width Measurements are taken with Accessories installed and the Magazine (if applicable) inserted.  All Weight Measurements are taken with an empty Magazine inserted.

Note 2: Please reference your Owners Manual for Instructions on operation, maintenance and limitations.  Please also follow the instructions for the use of Steel Shot and Slugs when using shotguns and/or choke systems.  TWI assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.

Note 3: This package includes a SHIM Kit.  Shims are used to custom fit the shotgun to the unique shooting style of the end user.  A Gunsmith may be required to properly access and install the SHIMs for best results.

Note 4: This package includes a SIGHT Kit which includes a Bead Sight, Red Fibre Optic Sight and Green Fibre Optic Sight.  Please ensure that you use the proper tools to avoid damaging the sights when changing them.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs


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