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Hogue Grips AR-15 / M-16 Rubberized Grip - Pink

Fit, function, superior performance and world-class design are hallmarks of the Hogue name. When you purchase a Hogue product you’re carrying a piece of their family history, designed from the ground up to enhance and improve your sporting experience. Teir brightest ideas, the finest materials and the world’s best manufacturing practices are united under the Hogue name


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Hogue Grips AR-15 / M-16 Rubberized Grip

The Hogue rubberized grip comes with ergonomic finger grooves giving you a Comfortable and controllable grip. The rubber comes oil resistant and easy to wipe clean, added stippled texture adds to the already comfortable grip.


  • Maximum Comfort
  • Added control with finger grooves
  • Compatible with any AR style pistol grip platform
  • Oil Resistant

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AR-15 / M4


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