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Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger® Sharp Shooter


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Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger® Sharp Shooter

The Hipertouch EDT Fire-Control Group drop-in is a high Performance, high precision, service rifle upgrade that installs in AR-15 type rifles. The Hipertouch name is short for High Performance TOUCH and EDT for Enhanced Duty Trigger with user adjustable trigger weights of 4 1/2+ and 5 1/2+ lbs. It’s the “AR” Fire-Control Group upgrade we’ve all dreamed of. For installation and operational features of the Hipertouch EDT watch the videos in the playlist above (available soon). A helpful read of the FCG Trouble Shooting Guide relates some issues customers will have during and after installation that are easily resolved with attention to detail and common sense. Hipertouch FCGs may not work in lowers with FCG holes that are outside the MIL-Spec toleranced dimensions.


  • Significant AR Upgrade
  • MIL Upgrade, LE/SWAT, Personal Utility
  • Single Stage Semi-Auto
  • Crisp, Clean, Trigger Break
  • Very Short Over-Travel
  • Very, Positive Reset You Can Feel and Hear
  • Made In The USA


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