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Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger® Heavy Gunner


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Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger® Sharp Shooter

HIPERFIRE Hipertouch EDT Heavy Gunner AR Fire-Control Groups deliver super smooth, crisp breaks along with hard-hitting hammer strikes to ensure your rifle will fire every time you pull the trigger. Hiperfiremanufactures these groundbreaking match-quality Trigger for competition shooters, long-range hunters, and law enforcement and military tactical shooters. The HIPERFIRE Hipertouch Heavy Gunner Trigger Assembly has only a hint of creep, with exceptionally quick positive reset, so you can hit those double taps faster. Upgrade from your stock trigger to the HIPERFIRE Hipertouch Precision Fire-Control Group for AR15/AR10 Rifles for speed and accuracy on your next mission.


  • Radical Sear Mechanics™
    • Medium Weights, 4½ and 5½ lb. Pulls
    • Smooth
    • Accurate
  • Heavy, SwingFast Hammer Head™
    • Faster Lock-Up
    • More Accurate
  • MIL++ Heavy Duty Hammer Springs
    • Very Hard Hammer Strikes
    • High Power Touch Off for Ultimate Accuracy
    • Yet, Medium Pull Weights
  • Curved Trigger with a Backbone™


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