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Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger® Designated Marksman


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Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger® Designated Marksman

The Hipertouch EDT3 Fire-Control Group drop-in is a high Performance, high precision, service rifle upgrade and recommended for AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles. The Hipertouch name is short for HIgh Performance TOUCH and EDT for Enhanced Duty Trigger.

The EDT3 features a duplex, or two-position trigger bow. Place the finger high in the curve and the pull weight is approximately 5 or 6 lbs with the supplied red hammer spring installed. Or, with the finger riding low on the vertical tip, the weight is approximately 4 or 5 lbs. when the supplied green hammer spring is installed.

This trigger is directed to DMR use. Run the finger high in tactical situations, or run it low in longer range precision scenarios. It’s also appropriate for home defense and hunting applications as the trigger weight is higher than the 24 series triggers. It’s the “AR” Fire-Control Group upgrade we’ve all dreamed of. For installation and operational features of the Hipertouch EDT3 watch the videos in the playlist above. A helpful read of the FCG Trouble Shooting Guide relates some issues customers will have during and after installation that are easily resolved with attention to detail and common sense. Hipertouch FCGs may not work in lowers with FCG holes that are outside MIL-Spec toleranced dimensions.


  • Radical Sear Mechanics™
    • Medium Weights, 4½ and 5½ lb. Pulls
    • Smooth
    • Accurate
  • Heavy, SwingFast Hammer Head™
    • Faster Lock-Up
    • More Accurate
  • Duplex Trigger Bow™
    • High Position: Safety Under Duress
    • Low Position: Tactical Precision
  • MIL++ Heavy Duty Hammer Springs
    • Very Hard Hammer Strikes
    • High Power Touch Off for Ultimate Accuracy
    • Yet, Medium Pull Weights


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