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GSCI Night Vision Monocular (PBS-14-MA1-AG)



GSCI Night Vision Monocular (PBS-14-MA1-AG)

There is a wide variety of night vision monoculars available on the World Marketplace. The most popular are PVS-14, MUM-14 as well as couple of other leading models. PBS14 has gathered the most up-to-date technological advancements, currently developed. The PBS14 is “loaded” with unique features and surpasses the most popular models.


  • Universal Night Operations Tool
  • Multi-Use System Design
  • Unique Safety Features
  • Extended Range Observation
  • High Situational Awareness
  • Preferred Choice of NATO Forces



** Due to the fluctuation of the CAD, prices are quoted in USD. **

***It is the responsibility of the consumer to inquire about the laws of owning Night Vision/Thermal Vision products. Please contact your Local or Federal Law enforcement to
ensure you legally allowed to own this product.****

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Weight 2.5 lbs


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