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Fenix Rechargeable 21700 Li-Ion Battery - 5000 mAH

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Fenix Rechargeable 21700 Li-Ion Battery

Since the release of the Fenix PD36R and TK22V2, everyone has been patiently waiting for the release of spare batteries. The time has come; now available is the Fenix ARB-L21-5000 rechargeable 21700 battery. The all-new Li-ion battery provides the voltage and power needed for extended runtime and higher lumen capacities. The ARB-L21 comes with all the bells and whistles of high-quality Fenix batteries, including protective circuits inside the anode and up to 500 charging cycles. Also included are the three sets of overheat protection: pressure relief, microporous, and PTC cathodal block. Don’t run out of light; pick up a spare 21700 battery today!


  • 500 Recharge Cycles
  • 5000 mAh Capacity
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Multiple Layers of protection
    • Pressure Relief Valve Protection
    • Separate Microporous Protection
    • PTC Cathodal Protection
    • Protection Circuits in the anode
      • Overcharge
      • Over-discharge
      • Short Circuit
      • Overheat Protection
  • 7.5a Maximum current
  • Steel Shell Riveting
  • 3.6V
  • Charging Current: 1A recommended, 5A Maximum
  • Note: Does not include an on-board USB port for direct charging


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