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E-Lander A1A M10 Type .308 Magazine 10 Rounds-adjusted price with store credit


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**M14 Compatible 10 Round Magazine

E-Lander A1A M10 Type .308 Magazine, 10 Round

We have a somewhat unique situation here. The magazines that fit and work in the 7.62 NATO AIA rifles will fit and work in any of the M14 type rifles. These mags are not M14 mags as they do not have the square hole in the front for the end of the M14 operating spring guide to fit into. This hole is not required in these mags for them to fit an M14 type rifle. It has been correctly pointed out that to make that hole in these mags could put you into the position of possessing a prohibited device, unless you permanently blocked them to a ten rd capacity.

We have tested these ten rd mags in original AIA rifles, Winchester M14 (CA), Springfield M1A NM and several different Norinco M14 rifles, the fit and function was as good as any original magazines.

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