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Dagger SAP6 Competition 12Ga. - 14"


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Dagger SAP6 Competition

The same reliability and durability of the SAP6 but in a package tailored to the needs of the competition shooter. Barrel length is extended to 14 inches, pump handle with rail comes as standard, and comes with one 6 round magazine.

The development of the SAP6 shotgun sought to overcome many of the shortfalls of the common and dated shotgun design. The use of a detachable magazine allows for a shorter barrel without the sacrifice of magazine capacity. The shorter length results in a shotgun that is lighter, more compact and faster for CQB, action shooting and hunting scenarios. The detachable magazine also allows for easy and rapid reloading over conventional tube type systems. Magazine seating is straight insertion style, allowing for smooth and simplistic reloads.

The full length picatinny rail permits the user to tailor their shotgun towards their specific needs/mission requirements with a wide variety of picatinny accessories. The telescoping stock features multiple positions, permitting comfortable use by all.

Reliability has always been a concern with detachable magazine shotguns, which is why the SAP6 has gone under an extensive testing and evaluation process involving multiple prototypes. Tactical Imports was heavily involved during this process to ensure the ultimate in reliability and durability standards.

Comes with one six round magazine and instruction manual, optics/accessories not included. Non-restricted class. In-stock and ready to ship.


•Detachable magazine for quick and easy reloading
•Tested and proven durability and reliability
•Full length picatinny rail
•Telescoping stock
•Built-in shell holder
•Ambidextrous design allows for comfortable shooting by both left and right handed users
•Compact 14″ barrel
•Spare magazines fit in double AR-15 magazine pouch
•Straight-insertion magazine seating
•5 year warranty
•Interchangeable chokes


Caliber: 12GA 3″ & 2.75″
Choke: Interchangeable
Magazine Capacity: 6
Method of Operation: Pump
Length with Stock Retracted: 806mm
Length with Stock Extended: 901mm
Sights: Hood style front sight
Barrel Length: 356mm
Weight: 3345g


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