CZ 75 TS Czechmate – 9mm Previously Owned


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CZ 75 TS Czechmate

The Czechmate is based on a modified version of the CZ 75 TS frame. It comes with all parts necessary to run in IPSC Open or Limited division (both in 9mm). The Czechmate comes configured for Open division competition with a compensator and C-More red dot sight installed. The included front sight adapter replaces the compensator, and the included rear sight replaces the slide racker handle when switching from Open to Limited configuration.  8x 10-round magazines are included in the CZ hard case. Includes everything as seen. Converted to limited at the moment but all parts included


  • C-more slide-ride non-click 6 moa dot
  • Ambidextrous slide racker
  • 8x 10 round magazines
  • 4 port compensator
  • Aluminum grips
  • Aluminum magwell
  • Competition hammer
  • 1 slide stops with slide lock
  • 2 slide stop pins without slide lock
  • Undercut trigger guard and beavertail for high grip

Competition Specifications

When configured with the compensator, the CZ 75 TS Czechmate model is designed to use ammunition that meets the minimum requirements for IPSC major power factor.  The minimum power factor for major in IPSC open class competition is 160.  Power factor is calculated by the following formula:

Power Factor = (bullet weight (in grains) X muzzle velocity (in feet per second))/1000

IPSC minimum power factor for major is 160.

USPSA minimum power factor for major is 165.


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