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Canuck Trap Over Under Combo - 32"

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CANUCK Double Trap Over Under 32″

When it comes to a competition Over Under, there is no better bang for your buck than the CANUCK Double Trap. This finely crafted shotgun comes with a multitude of features from fully adjustable stock,Ported Barrels, Extended Chokes, High Vented Adjustable rib, and not to mention.. 2 Barrel right out of the gate. One of our most common requests is for the TriStar TT15 combo set, but little does everyone know, these are the exact same shotgun for a fraction of the price!


  • Fully Adjustable Butt stock (Cant,Length of pull)
  • Rich wood stock
  • Over Under with Porting
  • Single Uni Trap Barrel vented
  • Both Sets come with high adjustable vent
  • Extended Choke Sets
  • Integrated ejectors
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight


5 reviews for Canuck Trap Over Under Combo – 32″

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Originally looking for Tri Star combo had never heard of Canuck,figured they come out of the same factory must be similar.
    Great finish wood to metal, blueing was perfect all the parts and pieces look great.
    I started looking for a replacement for 303A Trap Special Beretta that my daughter has started shooting well. B guns P guns and K guns are the norm at our club, I loved the Beretta it has 150000 rounds through it but to replace it was outrageous. I need a shorter length of pull and the multi target could not achieve what I needed.
    So I went to the club with the new Canuck was surprised by how high the POI was , it took some fine tuning to get where I wanted to see the target.
    Not a skeet shooter at all but my son likes it shot 20 with some really solid breaks birds I missed had nothing at all to do with the gun. Trap field was a struggle till I flattened out the POI finished with 22 with out a miss after a thin first round ended 30/50.
    Looking forward to its next trip to the club.
    One of the folks on the squad said it looks good, and from him that is high praise he shoots Zoli and Perrazi and shoots them well

  2. coyote (verified owner)

    I have one of these in the mail to me and am really looking forward to seeing it. There are lots of reviews on the Trip star TT15 on tube. It is the same gun by the same manufacturer. The only difference is the Tristar has a silver action. The tristar also does not have an adjustable butt like the Canuck and does not have the single barrel or a hard case included. Excellent value for this Combo.

  3. coyote (verified owner)

    Trip star should read Tristar in my first review.

  4. Lorne L. (verified owner)

    The gun looks even better than the pictures. Very good value for the price. I had one problem though. In the instructions they mention not to over tighten screws which hold the sighting rail on top of the barrel. All of these screws were too tight on receipt of the gun and one of them was so tight it could not be removed, so the head was stripped on that screw and I can’t change the height of the rib. I sent a warranty request to the wholesaler and hopefully I will have this corrected.
    Can’t wait to try it out at the trap range but too cold right now for that. Otherwise, so far, I am happy with the purchase. Arrived in central B.C. in 2 days with Canada Post.

  5. Frank

    I am a avid trap shooters, i baught myself that baby thinking that for that price,well. All my shooting friends where amazed at the quality, the look and so far the performances.

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