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Caesar Guerini Tempio Syren Trap 12ga. - 32"/30"


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Caesar Guerini Tempio Syren Trap Gun

Caesar went to great lengths to make sure they have created a shotgun that will fit the average female shooter better than ever before. They modified every aspect of the stock, not only to make the shotgun fit better, but to also reduce felt recoil. The Syren Tempio Trap was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors. To make the gun handle and balance well, Caesar incorporated a lightweight set of barrels. By keeping extra weight out of the muzzle end of the gun, the balance is evenly distributed between the hands making the gun easier to handle. Another key feature is the stock.


  • 70mm DueCon MaxisBore Chambering
  • 30″ and 32″ Barrels included
  • Tapered Ventilated Top Rib
  • Fixed Safety
  • 3.8kg Overall Weight
  • DTS Drop
  • 356mm Stock Length
  • Ventilated Rubber Pad
  • ABSPRO Case Packaging
  • White Spherical Sight
  • MaxisChoke Competition Choke Set



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