C-MORE Slide Ride 4 MOA- Blue w/ Click Switch



The C-MORE Slide Ride was originally designed to mount directly to the slide of Glock handguns, which proved the durability and reliability of the C-MORE design by withstanding the rigorous pounding motion of recoil. But the Slide Ride has also become the sight of choice for “custom” applications because of its ability to attach to any flat surface.

This enables the sight to be mounted directly to the firearm or a custom made mount, allowing the sight to be applied to applications that may not provide standard mounting options.

Polymer Frame Blue

4 MOA Standard Switch

Unlike traditional tube style scopes which can obstruct the field of view and cause a “tunnel vision” effect, the C-MORE Heads-Up Display provides an unobstructed sight picture in which the red dot hovers on the sight line, illuminating the point of impact on the target, creating the fastest target acquisition in existence.

Both eyes open operation allows full use of your peripheral vision. This allows you to quickly identify and acquire targets without leaving your sight picture.

The C-MORE uses a 29mm beam-splitter lens made of glass, not plastic. The lens is hard coated for maximum scratch resistance while the parallax free design enables targets to be acquired without the need to center the dot in the lens. Basically, the dot can be located anywhere in the lens and it will represent the point of impact, even if the lens is shattered or obstructed.



One of the greatest features of the C-MORE sight is the rugged design of the electronics. All components of the circuit are mounted directly to the circuit board in optimum recoil resistant positions. This allows the C-MORE to perform where other sights with fragile, braided wiring will always fail. Handling the hottest loads from larger caliber firearms is no problem for C-MORE sights.




C-MORE Systems red dot sights encapsulate the light source in a separate diode module. These modules are interchangeable in all C-MORE full size sights (NOT STS or RTS2), providing each sight with the ability to utilize different size dots for different applications.

The diode modules are available in six different sizes; 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 moa. The size of the dot is measured in minutes of angle (moa), with 1 minute of angle being equal to 1 inch @ 100 yards (approx.). Example; a 2 moa module will produce a dot that will cover 2 inches of your target @ 100 yards, a 6 moa module will cover 6 inches, and so on. When you reduce the target distance by half, you also reduce the minute of angle by half. Example; the 2 moa module will cover 1 inch @ 50 yards, the 6 moa module will cover 3 inches @ 50 yards, and so on. See the chart below to determine the size of each module at different distances.

C-MORE Systems red dot sights provide infinite adjustment capability. By eliminating “clicks”, the adjustments can be set to exact positions, resulting in pin-point accuracy. Positive locking screws for both windage and elevation lock the adjustment screws in position. The adjustments also feature a wide range of adjustment. Up to 800 inches of adjustment @ 100 yards are available for both windage and elevation. This eliminates the need to compensate for sight misalignment during the mounting process.

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