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 Bushmaster E2S Multi-Caliber Lower

Bushmaster has always been a well known name with it comes to AR Platforms. Great complete receivers such as these are great for the first time builder that only wants to customize certain parts without having to put in the work for building the Lower. Coming in a Commercial spec, you shouldn’t have any issues finding parts to swap out and match to this lower receiver. The Multi Caliber stamping means you have multiple options for caliber selection (.223,6.8SPC,7.62×39 etc.). If you need a great upper to match this receiver let us know and we’d be more than happy to help you out!


  • Able to match with a wide array of calibered upper receivers
  • Commercial Spec parts for ease of finding parts to match
  • Takes the work out of sourcing Lower receiver Parts
  • Comes with complete Buffer assembly and butt stock ready to go
  • Standard Trigger




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