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BEAMSHOT GreenBeam 1000


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BEAMSHOT GreenBeam 1000

The BEAMSHOT® GreenbeamTM 1000 is superior to red lasers used during daylight operations because the green beam produced is the most sensitive to the human eye allowing true daylight visibility. The 532nm laser and exceptional glass optics produce a beam visible 1200 yards at night and 60 yards during true daylight viewing. This GreenBeam laser is 20 times brighter than red laser gun sights and produces a target dot smaller than 2″ at 100 yards for precise accuracy. The GreenBeamTM 1000 delivers unmatched target acquisition anytime, all the time.

  •  532nm green laser beam at 1200 yards nighttime range.
  • 20 times brighter than red laser sights.
  • Visible in broad daylight.
  • Durable Aerospace-grade aluminum housing with hard anodized finish.
  • Powered by one CR123A battery that provides 4 hours continuous use.

*Comes without Box or Instructions, sold as is.


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