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Atlanta Arms Select 9mm 147gr. FMJ




Atlanta Arms 9mm 147gr. FMJ Select

This ammunition, designed for production class match shooting, averages 900 FPS±. Test fired through of a Glock 17 test gun and produces a 130 power factor. This round can be used as a training or match round, as it matches the performance of their Elite match load.

Perfect for target shooting, this load uses the same high quality bullet as our match ammo and is ideal for both practice and matches.

Atlanta Arms has become the ammunition of choice for many of the military, law enforcement, and professional shooters. High quality, assured reliability, and extreme precision have been the standard here at Atlanta Arms.


  • Re-Manufactured for to bring you the lowest cost performance ammunition
  • Every round checked for powder consistency and specs
  • Extensive processing of brass prior to loading
  • Ideal for Bianchi, Steel Challenge, PPC Match Training,IDPA,USPSA
  • Meets Minor Power Factor (125)

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