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Atlanta Arms .308 Win 168Gr. A-MAX 20 Rounds


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Atlanta Arms .308 Win 168Gr. A-MAX

Atlanta Arms is the premier source for both remanufactured and match ammunition. All remanufactured ammunition undergoes extensive cleaning, full length sizing, and chamber checking, to meet factory specifications. Our match line of ammunition continues to be the standard for the Army Marksmanship Unit and other professional shooting teams alike. Both the remanufactured and match ammunition are loaded using the highest quality components made specifically to meet our specifications.


Bullet: 168GR A-Max

Velocity: 2700 FPS ±

OAL: 2.140”

Grade: Match

AA Part # N308168 

Loaded with a 168 Grain A-MAX , with an average velocity of 2700 FPS ± with a 24 inch rifle barrel, this is an ideal hunting round with excellent accuracy. USE/SPORT: Hunting larger game, Precision Rifle Competitions

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