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Atlanta Arms .223 Remington Ammo 55Gr.

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 Atlanta Arms .223 Rem 50 Rounds

When it comes to Bulk .223, Atlanta Arms is a great value to quality choice. With 3-Gun / Multigun being a being growing sport in both Canada and the United States, the demand for high quality yet affordable ammo is at its all time high. Atlanta Arms has made a big wave in the states with its entry on to the competition field being used by almost all the top shooters in the world of IPSC, USPSA, Steel Challene, and 3-Gun. Where the real quality and reliability comes is that Atlanta Arms currently produces the ammo being used by the US Army Marksmanship team as well as a numerous amount of Law Enforcement agencies and divisions unable to disclose. We have even seen this ammo make its way into Canadian Law Enforcement agencies as we are the Canadian distributors for the line.

This ammo specifically is re-manufactured, however, with their process to which the casings undergo, it ends up being the same quality if not higher as factory ammunition! We can personally vouch for this stuff as it is currently what most of us here at Wild West are using in our shooting competition disciplines or just for a fun day out at the range.


  • Extensive re-processing to ensure all casings are to the exact same specifications
  • Highly Accurized consistent burning ammo
  • Chronographed at within less than 20fps between each round
  • Laser Checked Powder Levels to make sure no deviations between each round
  • Used by Multiple Professional shooters
  • Currently in use by Law Enforcement,CIA, and FBI at this time
  • Rock Solid Warranty and customer service for any issue
  • Great for 3-Gun, Competition or just plinking at the range

***Unfortunately due to our courier we do not ship ammunition to All Territories,Yukon, or Alaska. Sorry for any inconvenience***


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Weight 2.5 lbs

50 Rounds, 500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds


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