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Accu-Tac BR-4 Bi-pod

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Accu-Tac BR-4 Bi-pod

The Accu-Tac BR-4 is designed for a Bolt Action firearm. Trust the quality made in the USA which this smaller more convenient design allowing for a more grounded shot. As with all Accu-Tac parts, they are 100% billet made of the highest quality aircraft aluminum available! Compatible with any 1913 Picatinny rail mounting in only seconds. Quickly adjust with the 5 different positions able to adjust each leg independently to suite any situation you are put into. To engage or adjust leg position, simply pull the leg downward to move each leg independently. Leg positions can be deployed in a 45 or 90 degree position either forwards or backwards, locking securely into 5 positions through a 180 degree arch.


  • Designed for Bolt Action Firearms
  • Smaller more convenient design
  • 100% High Quality Billet
  • 1913 Compatible
  • 5 Different Postition to adjust
  • Independent leg adjustments




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