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1911 VZ Grips Carbon Fiber- Black

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Many texture and color options are also provided so an individual can tailor their handgun to the task for which they will be using it. I will also take, by phone, semi-custom orders to make additional modifications that may not be found on our website. Some examples of our modifications are beveled bottoms, rounding all points for carry, ambidextrous safety cuts, inlay medallions, and laser etching to name a few.

Our grips are currently being used by the best in the businesses, which include USMC Force Recon, Navy SEAL teams, Homeland Security, U.S. Border Patrol, FBI, LAPD, Numerous SWAT teams throughout the country, Jordanian Elite Security Force, and most especially people like you.


Micarta is a trade name that was given to thermoset composites back in the 1890’s by Westinghouse. We chose Micarta® and G10 for three reasons:

1. Durability: They have a higher tensile strength than steel. It is used in storm shelters to provide state of the art protection rooms to ward off the threats from tornadoes. It is also being tested to armor aircraft cockpit doors.
2. Impervious to changes in temperature: This material will not swell, warp, or crack with changes in temperature. It is an excellent insulator against heat. Unlike other so called high-end grips on the market, ours stays cool and comfortable.
3. Texture: When milled, Micarta and G10 gives a highly slip resistant surface.

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