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Remington 783 Avalanche Signature Series 22″ w/ Scope 22-250


Benelli MR1 .223 Rem Previously Owned


Weatherby Vanguard S2 Sub-MOA 22-250


CZ 512 Tactical .22LR


Ruger Mini 14 Stainless 5.56mm


Pietta PPS50 .22 LR

Savage Arms 111 Trophy Hunter X 22-250 Rem w/3-9x40mm

Savage Arms 111 Trophy Hunter X 22-250 Rem w/3-9x40mm

Remington 700 vssf ETRONX.CE 22-250 Remington

Remington 700 vssf ETRONX.CE 22-250 Remington

$2,595.00 $1,800.00
5.00 out of 5


Here’s how the Model 700 EtronX works: The electronic fire control has no moving parts other than the trigger. No sear to be released. No firing pin to strike the primer. Instead, an internal electrical circuit sends a charge through the system to our electrically responsive primer. Closing the bolt on the cartridge establishes contact between the firing pin and the primer. When the trigger is pulled, the electronic circuit sends an electrical pulse through the firing pin directly to the primer. This all happens in less than the blink of an eye. Ignition is even faster, with near zero lock time (.0000027 seconds, actually), which virtually eliminates the effects of barrel movement after pulling the trigger. In fact, the bullet exits the barrel of the Model 700 EtronX before a mechanical firing pin could even hit the primer in a conventional rifle. The system also creates an exceptionally crisp trigger pull with 36% less travel than standard triggers.

This entire ultra-advanced system is all powered by a single, replaceable nine-volt battery, located in the rifle’s butt stock. What’s more, a unique light-emitting diode on top of the grip indicates complete system status, including whether the rifle is in “FIRE” or “SAFE” mode. Or if a cartridge has been chambered. Or if the battery is low. An additional safety feature—a key switch located in the bottom of the pistol grip—must first be turned “ON” to enable the electronic system. Without turning the system on, the rifle cannot be fired.

In keeping with at least some tradition, the Model 700 EtronX rifle retains all the other classic aspects of our famous Model 700 bolt-action rifle. It includes the same features as the revered Model 700 VS SF with a stainless-steel action, 26-inch fluted barrel, black synthetic stock, full-length aluminum bedding block, and hinged magazine floor plate.

Chambered for 220 Swift, 22-250 Remington, and 243 Win, the Model 700 EtronX is available in limited quantities. Have your local dealer contact Zanders Sporting Goods for ordering details.