Weapon conversion kits can change standard weapons into rock solid personal defense and special operation weapon systems. Catering to all types of tastes we offer conversion kits for Sig Saur, TSG, FAB Defense, Mossberg, and more.

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Sig Sauer P226 X-Change Kit – 9mm


Sig Sauer 226 X-Change Kit .40 S&W


GSG 1911-22 .22LR Conversion Kit – Stainless

cmmg Out Of Stock

CMMG Inc. AR-15 .22LR Conversion Kit + 3 Magazines

tavor Out Of Stock

IWI Tavor SAR TAR-21 9mm Conversion Kit

roni Out Of Stock

CAA Roni Pistol Carbine Conversion Glock 17/22

sig sauer p226 conversion Out Of Stock

Sig Sauer P226 22LR Conversion Kit

IMG_6673 Out Of Stock

GSG 1911-22 Conversion Kit

kimber mag

Kimber 1911-22 Magazine .22 LR

$44.95 $36.95
fabdefensekpos2 Out Of Stock

FAB DEFENSE KPOS G2 Glock Conversion Kit