Hearing and Eye protection while shooting is required on most ranges. Investing into hearing/eye protection and adopting new practices when it comes to protecting your ears and eyes will significantly improve your sight and hearing. You will thank yourself in the future.

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HD Sportsman 720 Video Recording / Digital Camera Sunglasses – BLK

$269.00 $169.00

PILLA Sport Panther Series 3 Shade ZIESS Lens Kit – Previously Owned

$995.00 $750.00
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Caldwell E-MAX LoPro Electronic Muffs With Shooting Glasses

$74.95 $69.95

Radians M-31 Earmuffs


Radians Revelation Shooting Glasses


Radians T-84 Shooting Glasses Khaki/Gold Amber


Radians T71 Shooting Glasses Pink


Radians T71 Shooting Glasses


Radians Outback Junior Shooting Glasses


Radians Pink Womens Shooting Glasses


Radians G4 Smoke Shooting Glasses

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Radians 430-EHP Electronic Earmuffs

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Radians R-2400 Electronic Earmuffs


Radians Terminator 29Db Earmuff


RADIANS Am/Fm Digital Tuning Electronic Earmuff with LCD Display


Radians T-84 Shooting Glasses Khaki/Gold Brown


Radians Claypro shooting glasses Amber


Pro Ears Gold Series Electronic Ear Muffs NRR26


Pro Ears Ultra Series NRR33

Out Of Stock

Surefire Ear Pro EP7 Ultra Sonic Defenders


Surefire Ear Pro EP4 Plus Sonic Defenders


Surefire Ear Pro EP3 Sonic Defenders