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This rifle is the one which made me finally realize the time had come.

Inherited rifles are fine and when a dear friend suggested that I should try the Tikka T-3 Lite, that was the day I decided that my father’s 1960 WINCHESTER Model 770 had to go. Sentimentality is fine but the Tikka T-3 is just as much a gentleman’s weapon as the Winchester was.

Whether you’re in the Scottish Highlands with the scope full of 14-pointer stag or whether the crosshairs are resting on a fox with your wife’s prize chicken in its mouth, this smooth-as-butter rifle is ideal. A gun for all seasons.

Weighing in at just over six pounds, with its modern synthetic stock, it still manages to recapture all the best hunting traditions (and looks) of a far more elegant era and is a pleasure to shoot.

magazineThe detachable magazine holds four .223 Remington cartridges, stacked vertically.

Obviously, the trigger is fully adjustable…personally, I prefer the four pounds of pull, because that’s what I’m used to but it will adjust down to two…..and life is much easier because I can now make the trigger adjustment without removing the stock.

The Tikka’s barrel appears to be very accurate and more importantly consistently accurate, irrespective of bullet weight.

The field next to my farm house has a steep almost 45° slope and at this time of year, it looks more like Watership Down than a Spring Meadow. Apparently the rabbits aren’t bothered whether I use a lighter bullet for the range and velocity,  or a heavier one. I found that the end effects were very similar, even at 200 yards or more.

I particularly notice the Tikka’s weight compared to the old wooden stocked Winchester but perhaps that’s more to do with my age than anything else. But on a serious note, if you spend the day walking round with a rifle on the shoulder, a modern lightweight rifle such as this becomes a pleasure rather than a burden.

Speaking of carrying a gun around all day, this rifle has a two stage safety that actually blocks the bolt. In addition the barrel is hand-crowned and cold hammer forged.

Both in looks and in operation the Tikka T3-lite  is a class act and I have a funny feeling that this will be the rifle that I will hand down to my own boy.

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