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No matter what the skill level, we can all improve on our current position and become better shooters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, gun experts agree on several easy ways to improve your skill level, get the results you desire, and not break the bank. These tips are applicable for almost any gun type and shooting level.

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1. Give it your all
In order to be better, you have to practice better. When you’re at the range or just shooting bottles, make sure you give the task the proper attention that it requires. You will not be able to accurately judge your skill level if you do not consistently practice at your most focused. The more you focus on your shooting when practicing, the better your shots will come out when you need them. Your body grows accustomed to the ways that you repeatedly do things, if your technique is sloppy when you practice it will be when it’s the real deal. Make sure that every shot counts, and makes you a little bit better.

2. Dry Fire.
Consistency and practice are key ingredients in mastering a skill. It takes time and lots of ammunition to shoot like the pros, and even if you have tons of money to throw around, ammo can take a hefty toll on your wallet. A solution to this that will also make you a better shot is to practice dry firing. Dry firing is emptying out your firearm, but aiming and practicing shots, like it is loaded. This will get you very comfortable with your weapon and will improve your marksmanship without the hefty bill. No worries this method will not damage your firearm.

3. Lasers.
When starting out learning to shoot or to grow accustomed to a new technique, it can be quite helpful to learn with a laser grip or any other laser sight. These will allow you to dry fire and receive feedback on how accurately you are shooting. There are many different options available on the market, no matter which you choose it will improve your sight alignment and even your trigger control.

4. Take it Slow.
Remember the saying “Slow and steady, wins the race”? Well, surprisingly, this is also applicable to your shooting. This is a slow-firing exercise that will increase your control and accuracy. When lining up your shots, make sure your form is perfect and your sights are set. If you need someone to check you, do not feel embarrassed to ask, most people will be happy to help. When in the optimal position, take a moment to feel it and let your muscles remember, now take a deep breath,focus, then fire. Repeat this exercise several times, until you feel yourself consistently in the proper form.

5. Understand Your Limits.
It’s been a long week, and you have had a hard day, you wind up at the shooting range and you’re just bombing it on every shot. We ALL have days like this, and it is not cowardly to call it quits and take the day off, it is actually the responsible thing to do. When your focus is off, but you just keep shooting, you are conditioning your body to remember these poor habits and you could be damaging all the great work you’ve put in all week. It also can rack up a large bill if you are using ammunition. So if it’s not working out, take the day off, rest, recuperate and try again a different day.
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