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If you thought that the gun katar was crazy, you’re in for a face-punching surprise.

During the cold war, the american army developed to the most ludicrous bomb-launching monstrosity ever conceived. This absurd weapon, called the Davy Crockett, doesn’t just shoot a massive explosive round. No, this one-man-operated stationary bazooka-thing could launch a nuclear warhead 1.7 miles away.

davy crokett
Because 1.6 miles is the minimum safe distance.

As you can imagine, aiming this thing was a bit of a problem, but this thing wasn’t designed for trivial matters like aiming. But that didn’t really matter, because it would emit an instantly lethal dose of radiation within a radius of 150 meters, and likely kill anything within 400 meters. So it didn’t exactly require sniper-precision, and as long as you can get it within 400 meters of your target, mission accomplished. That is, if your mission is to leave behind a quarter-mile section of nuclear fallout wasteland and dead everything.