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We have talked before about some ridiculous old-timey guns, but we are moving on from just ridiculous guns. We want to share with you some guns that were fathomed in the throes of utter nonsense, guns that were invented for the sole purpose of being the stupidest contraption to ever launch a projectile.

For part 1 of this series of metal-launching absurdities, we present to you the rare and unheard of gun katar. A katar is known as a push dagger: a blade you use by holding its H-shaped frame with your fist, presumably with the intention of cutting some stuff.


It is also required that you make the “WAHTAH!” sound upon thrusting, followed by an unrealistic flying spin-kick.

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Now, the Katar by itself may seem like a somewhat reasonable weapon to invent – it cuts stuff and looks pretty cool. Today, weapons like these have lost their usability in battle, and have been replaced by more useful weapons like guns. But, there was someone out there who refused to let the usefulness of the katar be lost to history, so he slapped a gun on it and gave it an incredibly creative name – the gun katar.


We feel like it would be difficult to aim with your fist.

(Source: The Dark Blade)

They didn’t mess around with only one barrel either, they went right ahead and slapped two awesome golden barrels on there. The bonus of the gun katar is that if you are fast enough, you could shoot a bullet, then cut the bullet in half to make two bullets, which totally makes sense.