Wild West Gun Shop

Nets have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to capture all sorts of edible animals. Many different cultures use nets in many different ways, but it wasn’t until recently that people figured out that if you shove a net inside the barrel of a cannon, you can shoot it at other living things. In this video you can see the Talon Net Gun in action…

In particular, you can shoot it at birds and small animals. However, we are not sure how this would be an effective hunting tool, because even if you do manage to trap a bird in your net, it’s still going to be alive. Which is good, if you happen to be one of those hunters that just wants to start a petting zoo.


“Haha Gotcha! Now prepare to be… overfed and loved by many people!”


Even better, the gun is categorized as a non-lethal riot control tool. So if they wanted too, your local police could grab a couple Talon Net Guns. Which we are assuming would be more for their own personal amusement then functionality. However, it would be a pretty nifty way of arresting rowdy and unsavoury drunk people – just shoot them with the net, let them struggle until they get tired and fall asleep, then arrest them in the morning.

As mentioned, the talon net gun is a “tool”, not a weapon. So if you have an annoying dog that runs away all the time, or just some unruly children, don’t be afraid the give the Talon Net Gun a try!


“Aw c’mon! It didnt hurt that much!”