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Everyone has seen Sci-Fi movies that contain the most absurd and powerful futuristic weapons; and everyone is likely in agreement that none of those weapons could ever exist. Then science came along and was like “Oh yeah?”, and proceeded to make said fantasy weapons. Here is one weapon you won’t believe actually exists now.

The Freeze Ray


You would assume that lasers are best suited for melting and burning stuff, and normally, you would be right to assume that. However, a prominent hypothesis among the scientific community predicts that a freezing laser would be really, really fun to shoot stuff with.


freeze gun

As you can see from this image, freeze guns are super cool. (Bad pun intended)

(Source Theiapolis)

By doing a series of science-related things, German scientists have developed a laser that is able to lower temperatures of gases by 119 degrees in seconds. See, photons can kick electrons out of their orbits. When an atom loses electrons, it dissipates its energy and heat. The lasers are individually blasting heat from each atom. As you might have guessed, there are many practical applications for a freezing laser.



Such as instantly cold beer, and probably other less important stuff.

Actually, a research team in Berlin has used a very similar technique to create rain clouds over the city. Yes you read that right, the human race is getting to the point that it can use laser beams to control the weather. Yeah, nothing bad could ever come of that.