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Since the dawn of war, humans have been coming up with an incredible amount of different ways to explode each other. In fact, it seems like every day the engineers at the gun factory are coming up with more powerful, more accurate guns that are forged out of the best metals and the purest lunacy.

1) XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System

Nicknamed “The Punisher”, this weapon fires a 25mm grenade. Now, a grenade launcher is a lethal and frightening weapon, but nobody is going to be impressed by the fact that grenade launchers exist. We know what you are thinking right now.



This thing better shoot anti-gravity grenades or I am going to be seriously bored.

What sets this launcher apart is the fact that the user can pre-program the distance at which the grenade will explode. So if there is someone you really don’t like hiding behind a wall, you can time the grenade to explode as it passes over the wall, while still airborne. As you can imagine, this will apply a decent amount of ‘punishment’ to the top of their head.


2) The Corner Shot

As the name so subtly suggests, you can use this gun to shoot around corners or over things. Of course, you can pretty much use any gun to shoot around a corner, but you have to expose your face and body to the enemy while doing so. If only there was some type of bent gun that could shoot stuff around corners…



We’re surprised it took this long for someone to invent this.

 The gun has a little display monitor that shows you what is around the corner, it is not powered by mirrors or anything. So you just have to be sure to remember to charge the battery before you head out to the battlefield.


3) MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher

The MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher isn’t any typical grenade launcher. Its basically a mini-gun that fires grenades to the tune of 60 per minute. Yes, that’s one 40mm grenade every second. The canisters that hold the belt of grenades weighs 60 lbs and only has a belt of 48 grenades. That’s right, this gun fires bullets that weigh more than 1 lb each. However, the gun mount is relatively light, so you can slap one right on the back of your Chevy.


“Yeah man it was a tough decision, but I decided to go with the MK-19 squad instead of a boat”.