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Recently, there has been a little insanity brewing over the fact that anyone who gets their hands on a 3-D printer can actually print their own guns. Well, we are here to calm that insanity, because as it turns out, plastic 3-D printed guns suck in a variety of ways.

1) They are Not Cheap

You might assume that because anyone can just print a gun that the poor, anarchistic types are just going to form rebel armies with the recycled plastic guns. Well, first off, making plastic guns is quite a bit more expensive that just buying a few actual guns, especially if you buy them from our amazing online store.



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You see, 3-D printers are not microwaves – they haven’t been around enough that you can pick one up from Wal-Mart for $25. To get a decent 3-D printer, you are looking at spending about $8,000-$10,000. Then you have to buy the plastic to put in the thing as well. In the end, you could buy like ten of these.

2) They Explode

There is a reason why guns are made out of metal. After shooting a few rounds, you will notice that a regular gun will get a little warm.

gun shot

And by warm we mean they explode in sparks and fire.

If you havn’t noticed, plastic kind of well, melts. More than that, plastic is not exactly explosion-proof. Seeing as how guns contain tiny explosions over and over again, 3-D printed guns are not only well-known for exploding in your hand, but they haven’t made one that has not exploded. That’s right, every single printed gun made has exploded or melted.

3) They Look Stupid and Have Terrible Accuracy

Imagine someone pulls this on you.

plastic gun

Do you… do you want to play lego or something?

Not only do 3-D printed gun actually look this stupid, but no one has been able to get the plastic gun to fire even remotely accurately.