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Around the time when guns were first invented, people got a little creative with their gun-making. Or in other words, people went finger-kicking insane with their gun inventions. Here are 3 of the most ridiculous yet apparently usable firearms ever invented.


1. Duck’s Foot Pistol

The duck’s foot pistol was built for those special times when you need to shoot 4 targets at the same time, while all four targets are at the exact angle at which the four ridiculous barrels are pointing.


“Ah ha! The tables have turned! Now stand 6 feet away and at a 37 degree angle from each other please”

Some gun experts believe that the gun was invented for people facing off against multiple enemies, such as with bank or prison guards, or sea captains, who we would like to imagine as fighting off large sea monsters with four heads or something.

2. Belt Buckle Gun

The belt buckle gun was invented as a last resort for soldiers who were either out of ammo, or in a situation where they needed a weapon, but were stripped of their regular firearms. The original belt buckle gun had a total of four barrels with four pre-loaded rounds, because well, its pretty difficult to aim accurately, seeing as how nobody has an eyeball in their belly-button.


When surrounded, soldiers would do salsa dance-spins while firing their belt.

The invention was a little too silly for the people in power, and they were never put into mass production. So, there are only 10 documented belt buckle guns in existence right now. So if you happen to find one of these bad boys in your grandpa’s attic, you’ll be happy to know they are worth a staggering $20,700.


3. The Hand Mortar

Originally mortar weapons were fixed turret devices. The recoil from firing such a heavy projectile is huge, and only the most insane soldier considered picking one up in order to run around and shoot it like a regular gun.

Basically, it’s a black-powder potato gun

This is basically the first ever grenade launcher. The best part is, in order to fire this absurd weapon, you needed to first light a grenade and shove it into the barrel. At which point, you are desperately hoping the gun actually works, or your fancy handheld mortar gun will quickly turn into a handheld explosion.