Wild West Gun Shop

Back in the day, gunsmiths were not overly concerned with how good-looking or sane their guns were. No, apparently their primary concern was making guns that were so ludicrously absurd that people in the future would be writing funny articles about how ridiculous they are.


1) The Punt Gun

The Punt Gun is roughly the size of one and a half grown men, and if you shoot this gun standing up, the recoil would turn your head upside down.  The gun was initially designed to shoot entire countries, but people just ended up using it to shoot ducks.


“We got him now, Willy! That duck has quacked his last quack!”

The punt gun was so incredibly effective at shooting ducks –  it could shoot 50 something ducks in one shot. Duck populations dropped so fast that the government had to step in and stop people from using their tank-sized weapon to obliterate entire species of small critters.


2) Palm Pistol

The palm pistol was invented to be used by assassins in covert operations, but assassins did not tell anyone about the palm pistol because well, its pretty silly looking.


“That is just my uh… super cool assassin makeup kit


The gun was discharged by squeezing it like a stress-ball. Which we are guessing was fairly difficult to aim seeing as how it is shaped like a pocket-watch. The gun had an incredibly safe design, because nothing ever gets squished in your pocket.


3) Knife Pistol

The knife pistol is a fairly rare collectors item, not many of them are still around because not many of them were ever made. This is probably the case because if you need to cut something, you usually don’t need to shoot that same thing right after. Conversely, if you need to shoot something, chances are you won’t need to cut it. Unless you planned on hunting with this thing, but that would just be dumb.


A real man’s multi-tool – Cuts hot dog buns and shoots your enemies


If you read this thinking “Boy! what a useful invention!”, you are probably psychotic in some way, much like the guy who invented the Knife Pistol, and should really get that checked out. But don’t fret, at least someday someone might write an article about how crazy you are.