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H&K SFP9 Striker Fire 9mm

When considering the purchase of a new firearm, the H&K SFP9 Striker Fire 9mm is well worth the intentional thought. Those United States based individuals playing close attention to the industry in the last quarter of 2014 will have noticed the initial introduction of this Heckler & Koch handheld (under the name of VP9) during that time.

Magpul Ruger 10/22 Hunter- X Stock FDE

When hunting season sneaks up on you and your gun collection is not quite complete, it may be time to do a little shopping. It’s hard to resist a shiny new gun ready to add to your arsenal. Ruger doesn’t fail its returning customers, offering a steady stream of relevant merchandise. The Magpul 10/22 Hunter-X is no exception.

Traditions COLT 1873 Single Action Army 45 LC Rawhide 4.75″ Review

The Traditions Colt 1873 Single Action Army 45 LC Rawhide 4.75″is a single action shooter that is just like the original model. This Traditions model of the Colt is quite reminiscent of the original 1873 revolver, without the hefty price tag that can be seen in the original. This is definitely a quality revolver, even […]

Remington Versa Max Tactical 12 Gauge Review

Tactical weapons choices leave buyers with many to pick from.  Price can be a determining factor in many cases leaving some of the higher quality tactical weapons.For hunting, however, some tactical weapons can offer many benefits.  The Remington Versa Max Tactical 12 gauge stands alone in its category. The price of the Remington Versa weighs […]

Smith & Wesson SD40 40SW Review

Smith and Wesson continue to impress with their new lines of handguns. Their products are acceptable for use by shooters of various experience levels. This particular model, the SD40 40SW has some distinguishing features that make for a unique shooting experience. This semi-automatic series performs with the expected prestige that has come to have been […]

Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro Series

Few handguns are more well-known than the famous Smith and Wesson. So much so that the brand itself is used as a common replacement for the word handgun in modern slang. The M&P9 Pro Series presents with the quality that has come to be expected by handgun consumers everywhere. The Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro […]

Tikka T-3 Lite .223 Remington Review

This rifle is the one which made me finally realize the time had come. Inherited rifles are fine and when a dear friend suggested that I should try the Tikka T-3 Lite, that was the day I decided that my father’s 1960 WINCHESTER Model 770 had to go. Sentimentality is fine but the Tikka T-3 […]

EOTech XPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight Review

Nowadays a lot of us like the red dot on the target and some of us are even converted to focus on the target through a red reticle, although I know that some of the purists prefer just a single dot – but let’s not argue. On this occasion, the boffins at EOTech have excelled […]

EOTech G33 3X Magnifier Review

They say that little things please little minds, so I have to admit that what I liked about this beauty was not the fact that it’s light and shorter than the previous model, its lightning-fast adjustment  from 3X to 1X, or even that I don’t have to get my toolbox out to make adjustments. It […]

R.I.P. Ammo

If you’re a gun enthusiast you may have already heard about the revolutionary R.I.P ammo by G2R Ammo. However, I have noticed that not everyone knows about this ammo, so let’s break it down and you can decided for yourself if it’s worth the money. G2R’s R.I.P ammo stands for Radically Invasive Projectile, and of […]

Top 3 Weapons Ahead of Their Time in History

When picturing warfare of time’s long passed, it’s easy to imagine people using crude and unsophisticated weaponry. But, looking back at various era’s, it’s plain to see that some weapons were more complicated than we imagined and advanced for the times they were in. Here are the top 3weapons ahead of their time in history: […]

Learn to Shoot: Tips to Improve Your Shooting

No matter what the skill level, we can all improve on our current position and become better shooters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, gun experts agree on several easy ways to improve your skill level, get the results you desire, and not break the bank. These tips are applicable for almost any […]

How to Properly Store Your Firearms and Keep Others Safe

Firearms are, expensive, fun, and potentially dangerous. Properly storing your firearms will protect your weapon from the elements. Proper storage will also protect people from abusing firearm. We’ve all heard horror stories of children having accidents. Snooping for Christmas presents is always fun! Except when a child finds what they think is a cool toy. […]

Prohibited Weapons in Canada Series: Automatic Shotguns

Sure, they are an extremely cool pickup for novelty’s sake when you are playing an FPS videogame. However, you cannot have one in real- life. In fact, not even the military, for whom they were designed, really uses them. That is because they are really better suited to knocking down drywall or demolishing concrete than […]

Overpowered Hunting Devices – Gobbler Guillotine

Turkey is one of the most delicious animals, thats why people save the deliciousness of it to only one day per year – Thanksgiving. Hunting turkey isn’t easy – it takes an intense amount of resources to find and kill turkeys. Oh wait nevermind its pretty easy. Turkey’s are slow and big, which makes them […]

Overpowered Hunting Devices: Talon Net Gun

Nets have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to capture all sorts of edible animals. Many different cultures use nets in many different ways, but it wasn’t until recently that people figured out that if you shove a net inside the barrel of a cannon, you can shoot it at other living […]