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Savage Arms Mod. 42 .22LR/.410Ga Combo Review

The new Savage Arms 42 model is a much more modernized version of the old 42 and as such has a much sleeker and a very slick looking design. It is lighter than the original as well as shorter and much easier to handle. This would be a great gun for hunting and any homestead […]

Ruger M77 .300 R.U.M Stainless Review

Ruger hunting rifles stand the test of time and are well-known for their expertise in the sport. The M77 .300 is no exception. They present with reliability, ease of function and durability. Ruger has a variety of competent weapons that bring a new dimension to art of shooting. The Ruger M77 .300 comes with a […]

A History of Gun Control in Canada: Part Two

Welcome back to part two of the Canadian firearms control walk through history. Last post we made it from pre 1892 the whole way into 1934, let’s continue on throughout history.   In 1938 handgun owners had to re-register their weapons every five years. At this point in time guns did not require serial numbers, […]

A History of Gun Control in Canada: Part One

Firearm control has been in place almost as long as firearms have been around, firearm controls are necessary to a point to ensure safety and security to all citizens whether or not they own firearms. Join me as we take a walk through history and explore the Canadian fire arms control laws through the years. […]

Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro Series

Few handguns are more well-known than the famous Smith and Wesson. So much so that the brand itself is used as a common replacement for the word handgun in modern slang. The M&P9 Pro Series presents with the quality that has come to be expected by handgun consumers everywhere. The Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro […]

EOTech XPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight Review

Nowadays a lot of us like the red dot on the target and some of us are even converted to focus on the target through a red reticle, although I know that some of the purists prefer just a single dot – but let’s not argue. On this occasion, the boffins at EOTech have excelled […]

EOTech G33 3X Magnifier Review

They say that little things please little minds, so I have to admit that what I liked about this beauty was not the fact that it’s light and shorter than the previous model, its lightning-fast adjustment  from 3X to 1X, or even that I don’t have to get my toolbox out to make adjustments. It […]

Canada’s Top Hunting Rifles

Some rifles that are great for hunting are restricted in Canada, therefore presenting limited choices for hunting enthusiasts. There are, however, some good choices for those determined to excel at the sport.   The Norinco M14S or M305 is a top choice for going after game. It has been around a since World War II […]

Mossberg 500 Rolling Thunder Magpul Package 12 GA Review

Mossberg. 12 gauge. Pump action. Shotgun. That is all the technical spec you need for this beauty. It looks good, is fun to shoot and whether you’re messing about target shooting or blowing away some vermin, you will do it with a smile on your face. Sure, she kicks… but don’t they all! But this […]

Magnum Research BFR .454 Casull Review

Hand guns are a simple choice for an easy to carry weapon.  There are choices concerning barrel size, so you can choose a Magnum that is a perfect fit for you.  The .454 casull is a choice cartridge that can handle high velocity with accuracy. The Magnum Research BFR   comes in barrel sizes 7.5 inch, […]

Bushmaster BA50 Review

Rifles come in many forms.  Some are built for practical civilian use, such as hunting. Others are coveted for collecting prestige.  Of course, these high powered rifles are not manufactured to just look pretty.  They have real world use, however, this is mostly of military and law enforcement concern. The Bushmaster .50 caliber rifle is […]

Hollywood Gun Myths Part Three: The One Hander

Welcome to the third and final installment in our series where we expose Hollywood gun myths. Although on the big screen these myths are fantastic the reality is they are highly unlikely to occur in everyday life. We have all seen the Terminator movies, where the gun fight breaks out and of course there is […]

Hollywood Gun Myths Part Two: Dropped guns go off all the time

We have all seen at least one action movie where the guy or gal who isn’t very gun savvy drops the loaded firearm and it goes off, but how realistic is this type of situation in real life? While this could happen, the chances are pretty slim. There are not many semi-automatic guns that can […]

What is a “grouping?”

When one is sighting in a firearm, especially those firearms with adjustable sights, one takes three of four shots.  Assuming the trigger was pulled exactly the same each time and the shooter had the same sight picture, all those shots should group around the same area. This is commonly referred to as “grouping” among gun […]

World’s Longest Successful Rifle Shot

In November of 2009 a British sniper named Craig Harrison successfully landed a kill shot from 2,479 metres away in Afghanistan. That’s right, a mile and a half. From this distance, here is what a man would look like in the targeting reticle of a Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 telescopic sight like the one used […]

Prohibited Weapons in Canada Series: Automatic Shotguns

Sure, they are an extremely cool pickup for novelty’s sake when you are playing an FPS videogame. However, you cannot have one in real- life. In fact, not even the military, for whom they were designed, really uses them. That is because they are really better suited to knocking down drywall or demolishing concrete than […]

The Cold SWORD Sniper Weapon

The Cold SWORD (Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices) is really a glimpse into the future of the fusion between technology and firearms. The devices uses both off-the-shelf commercial components and military off-the-shelf components. The system can be used to do all sorts of things, most of which we are to lazy to explain.