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In November of 2009 a British sniper named Craig Harrison successfully landed a kill shot from 2,479 metres away in Afghanistan. That’s right, a mile and a half. From this distance, here is what a man would look like in the targeting reticle of a Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 telescopic sight like the one used by Harrison:

rifle shot
“Wow. This guy probably makes jokes like ‘you couldn’t hit the broad side of a dust mite’”.

This shot holds the Guinness Book record for the longest confirmed sniper kill. What does this mean? Well, first of all, it means this guy is a crack shot to say the least. He could probably fire an arrow into something and then fire another arrow into the first arrow. Secondly, it means that someone could shoot me in my back yard from West Edmonton Mall, and I would never see them. Imagine how long the shooting range would have to be to accommodate such a shot. It would be almost the size of a modern Costco.