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When one is sighting in a firearm, especially those firearms with adjustable sights, one takes three of four shots.  Assuming the trigger was pulled exactly the same each time and the shooter had the same sight picture, all those shots should group around the same area.

This is commonly referred to as “grouping” among gun enthusiasts. This “grouping” will give the shooter an idea about how centered they are when shooting. This term can also give the shooter an idea on whether or not their gun is sighted correctly or if it will need some adjustments.

By having a good “grouping” you are a consistent shooter with a properly sighted in firearm, being consistent would be especially important to those shooters who shoot for competitions. You must remember though your grouping can change depending upon you, the shooter.

You have to keep the trigger pull the same with each shot and sight in the same picture as well if you want to get the same grouping every time. Another thing to keep in mind is while you can try to keep your trigger pull and sight the same every time you shoot there is going to be slight variance each time, it’s natural so no need to worry too much unless of course you are way off on your shots.

If your grouping is out of whack you might also have a problem with mechanical accuracy, you will more than likely have to just trial and error to find the issue, if you do have one.

Knowing, understanding and paying attention to your grouping is not only important but it will also help you to develop your skills as a shooter and help you to become more accurate.