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Rifling is a term, people who are used to handling firearms will be familiar with, but for those that are uninitiated, this article will explain the theory of rifling and detail how it improves your shot.

What is rifling?

A weapon with a rifled barrel will come etched with a number of groves. These impressions act as a guide for the firing of the bullet, and help to improve accuracy, thus aiding the shot.

If a smooth-barrel is used, a bullet can sometimes twist and turn out of control, causing the shot to miss its aim, however, with the grooved impressions that come with a rifled bore, this will actively spin the bullet as it travels down the barrel, thus helping to aid the accuracy of the shot.


How it Works

The above paragraph gives some information on how a rifled bore works, but this section will explain in greater detail.

With a rifled barrel, there are several spirals or groves that are carved into the metal of the barrel.

Rifling improves the twist rate of the bullet; the more twists the projectile undergoes, the greater the stability will be – and the more accurate the shot.

When the bullet is fired, these grooves will cling on to each side of the bullet, and enable it to spin.

This extra spin will stabilize the bullet when it takes flight and enable it to achieve an improved accuracy.



Rifling is often used by marksmen, due to its greater accuracy when compared with a smooth barrel.


Different gun types

Rifling is used in a range of different gun types including shot guns and rifles. In addition, it is a method that is utilized in revolvers, and modern day pistols will often come with rifling carved into the barrel.