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Few handguns are more well-known than the famous Smith and Wesson. So much so that the brand itself is used as a common replacement for the word handgun in modern slang. The M&P9 Pro Series presents with the quality that has come to be expected by handgun consumers everywhere.

The Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro Series cost runs in the range of a about $550 to $680. The pro series consists standard black color semi-automatic 9mm handguns. The sight radius has been improved and the optic green front sight coupled with the reduced glare rear sight make for a very efficient shot. The barrel measures in at 5”, making for an easy to carry weapon despite the added length of most handguns. The size of the entire handgun measures about 8.5”. The affordable price and variety of features make the Pro Series an excellent option for professionals and new gun users alike.

The magazine capacity is 17+1 and an extra 17 round assault clip is available from the company. This particular model is said to be compatible with both right and left handed shooters, a hard to find fit. Comfort and ease often elude the left handed crowd in the sport of shooting. The grip can be customized to fit your hand size, increasing not only the comfort of your shooting experience, but also your accuracy. This is accomplished by the availability of 3 different size palm swells.

Trigger is rated at about 5.50 to 8 pounds. This is somewhat less than other guns in this category making for a more comfortable experience. Rapid and slow fire alike offer accuracy and make for smooth target hitting. Ammunition response is steady with many different forms of ammo. While most enthusiasts will want optimal ammunition, the Smith and Wesson pro series will happily accommodate more budget friendly options with no problems.

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With bullets lacking this handgun weighs in at about 26 oz. The light weight adds to its variability and ease of carrying. The green optics are different from the standard red dot optics, but are found to contribute to accuracy with little adjustment by the user. This weapon stays true to its brand name and makes good use of new features.

The Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro series comes onto the market with a reliable name behind it. This name also comes with a reputation to uphold. Consumers can rest assured that this series stands true to its past and supplies a versatile weapon accommodating a large crowd of gun owners. The new features are easily acceptable and even considered superior. This handgun may even be considered an improvement of an already trusted brand.