Savage Arms Mod. 42 .22LR/.410Ga Combo Review

The new Savage Arms 42 model is a much more modernized version of the old 42 and as such has a much sleeker and a very slick looking design. It is lighter than the original as well as shorter and much easier to handle. This would be a great gun for hunting and any homestead maintenance of vermin or whatever.

Good things about this gun are that it is very easy to handle and to work with. It opens really easily for faster reload, and I found that you can even open it with one hand if you need to. And the black polymer stock just gives it a cool modern look that the previous versions just lacked. Its light frame and short length, coming in at about 36 inches (just a little shorter than a yard stick), makes it much easier to carry around and also easier to get to if you need it in a flash.
The safety on the Savage Arms is worth mentioning too. The Savage Arms has got two safety features, the first being a cross bolt safety which blocks the hammer, and also a hammer block on the trigger to stop the hammer from making contact with the firing pins unless the trigger is pulled, so this gun is not going to be going off unless you want it to.

There is a manual extractor for removing the empty cases in the combinations barrels and you can use these if you want, but I thought it was just easier for me to flick them out with my fingernail, but its still a pretty nice design feature that I’m sure someone will find useful. The rear sights were fully adjustable and I was able to remove the rear sight in order to add in a light weight scope, and it was relatively easy to do so as well.

Looks wise, the Savage Arms has a modern look to it, very sleek and slim. It shouldn’t be much of a problem for anyone who wants a practical and functional firearm. Its slim and light weight making it easy for any kind of transportation.

The actual application of the gun was relatively impressive too. The combination barrel gives a lot of choice when it comes to range and adjustments. Though the bottom barrel has less of a range to it, if you need some more room to work with, you can simply switch the top barrel with the easy to use hammer nose. I found that this model was a really reliable and accurate model to use, and I would recommend it to a friend. It is definitely worth the money for this gun and it has so many uses. You can throw it in the back of your truck or it even fits in a backpack – it’s really versatile. Savage Arms did a great job in bringing this model back and making accessible for modern users.


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