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Hunting for those career men and women can be hard and rough when the days get long and the game is faster than your bullet.  As the frustration rises, it can be hard to get enough inspiration to even lug along the heavy gun.  For when the weight gets too much to take and you just want to drop it and keep walking, there is the Savage Arms model 25 which is known for its light weight.  For hunting, this is a great rifle as it will be excellent for small game up to the size of coyotes.  This is the perfect gun to consider when looking for a lightweight model with all the power you need.

The caliber of this gun is .204, which is sure to meet your needs.  The overall length is 43.75”, the barrel length is 24”, and the gun has an ammo capacity of 4.  This is a pretty good deal over all when you consider that the weight of this high quality gun is a small and comfortable 8.25 lb.  How much better does that sound when mucking around in the woods with a heavy rifle slung over the shoulder?  It’ll take a lot of the frustration and back pain out of the equation, won’t it?

The one downfall is to make sure you read the “fine print” on the information about the gun.  As with a lot of others, this gun is right handed and must be used this way to prevent injury as well as a decent aim on the target that you’re trying to hit.  Seems straight forward, but I’ll bet there are going to be some left handed hunters out there this weekend going at the target practice and trying to train themselves to be right handed just to have an chance with this excellent rifle.

Going for an excellent $694.19, this gun is a deal not to be missed.  Hunting shouldn’t be all about how much weight you can carry around, but instead it should be more focused on aiming and shooting a gun that is meant to be carried around and can therefore meet your needs out on the hunting ground.  Why settle for rifles that are heavy, clunky and only do a half of the job because they’re so hard on your arms and body in general?  When giving the option of this little slugger, the Savage Arms model 25, it’s hard to argue with the fact that its a superior gun not only because of its sleek design, but the decreased weight.

This rifle is a steal, and should be considered as a serious contender when looking around for you next addition to the hunting gang.  Still not sure?  “Hunt” around online and see how well this baby does in product reviews and Youtube videos.  You’ll be blown away by its performance.  Stop lugging the weight of an okay kind of gun, and let this rifle do all of the work for you.