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What is an indication target and why are they so important? A very common question among gun fans around the world. An indication target is a target with a layer in the center that helps you to see where you have shot. This often shows a bright color around the hole you shot so you can see easier from a further distance, this helps save you trips walking close to your target to view your shots.

Many people will have varying opinions as to whether or not an indication target is important and if so why they are. It is from my understanding they are indeed important because they are a good indicator on how you shoot as well as whether your firearm is sighted in properly. Everyone who knows firearms knows how extremely important a proper sighting in of your firearm can be.

Read on and allow me to show you step by step how to make your own indication target for practice shooting.

Materials needed:

  • Premade target
  • Large sheet of poster board
  • 2-4 sheets of Neon colored paper (I’d chose orange or green personally)
  • Bottle of Elmer’s Glue
  • Roll of packaging tape
  • Scissors/X-acto knife

Start by measuring your target and poster board, you want them to be the same size, cut off any excess material.

Separate your two sheets, now you will want to take your neon colored paper and measure those to fit the entire poster board, this is where you may need to use more than one sheet, depending on their size. Use your Elmer’s glue to secure these neon sheets to the poster board.

Once you have your neon sheets glued down place a layer of packaging tape around the edges only.

Now, carefully place your target on top of the poster board. Once you are sure it lines up perfectly apply glue to the edges of the target and lay back onto the poster board. Press firmly for a few seconds. Again you want to follow up with packaging tape around the edges.

Congratulations you have just completed your indication target and are now ready to have some target practice!