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Have you ever been to a shooting range before? Are you feeling nervous about your first visit? This article will provides some great information that will teach you more about what to expect and it will help calm your nerves and be prepared. It is a lot of fun, and you’ll want to come back again and again!
Different types of ranges
There are a few different types of ranges – indoor or outdoor, public or private, ranges that rent out equipment or ones that you must bring your own. (For example, Wild West is an indoor public shooting range with equipment rentals available!) Knowing which type of range you are going to will help you prepare what you must bring with you, and other precautions like weather-appropriate clothing.

Range guidelines
Typically you will sign a waiver, and will also see a list of rules and read about the proper etiquette that you must follow. These are very important, as they will help to keep you safe on the range. If at any point you notice another person on the range that is not following proper protocol, it is important to notify the rangemaster.

Safety and preparation
It is very important to handle your gun safely! A good rule of thumb is to always treat it as if it is loaded – that way you will always remember to be cautious. If it is your first time at a shooting range – do not be afraid to say so! There will always be a rangemaster present, and they will be available to teach you operation basics to help you feel more comfortable.
You will have both eye and ear protection (you may be able to bring your own, and you will be able to rent at public shooting ranges) as well as a target to shoot at. There are generally mechanical target systems that you attach your target to, keeping you from having to walk out onto the range and attach it manually. Then you are set to shoot!

Once you are finished
When you are ready to leave, make sure that your gun is no longer loaded – and do not take off your ear and eye protection until you have left the shooting area. There is usually a receptacle for you to put your empty shells as you are leaving. Then simply return the gun to the rangemaster and you’re done! Don’t you already want to go again?