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They say that little things please little minds, so I have to admit that what I liked about this beauty was not the fact that it’s light and shorter than the previous model, its lightning-fast adjustment  from 3X to 1X, or even that I don’t have to get my toolbox out to make adjustments. It was the “slap to side” mount. But I suppose there will come a time when the novelty of knocking the mount to the side and back again will wear off!

If you’re viewing your target through an EoTech holographic sight and then flip up this piece of kit behind it, prepare to be amazed and don’t be surprised if you unintentionally find yourself reaching out to touch the target… It won’t be there! It’ll be just like you added an HD facility and magnification to your TV!

I don’t think the optics could be clearer or brighter, but for me, the greatest pleasure was to be able to move the magnifier out of the way on the rare occasions when I needed to use just the holographic sight.

For a very long time, a great problem with sights was that once you’d moved and then reinstalled it, you didn’t have the confidence that it was in the same place….but on the contrary, this quick release system is rock-solid.

I haven’t mentioned the focusing which, because of the quality of the optics, is fast and precise with excellent light transmission and, for its size, a very large field of view. In fact, it has a 7.3° field-of-view.

Its compact size means that weight-wise, it comes in at a respectable 1.3 pounds, so you won’t get arm-ache. If you are a colour co-ordinator and like things to look right, it comes in either a Tan Matte or Black finish.

It is easy to calibrate and if you’re looking through a 3X setting, a target 100 yards away will appear to be 70 yards nearer. Now imagine that filling your field of vision with a red dot on it!

The only question is HOW did I manage to live without it?!

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