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It may not be your first idea, but taking that special someone to the shooting range can make for an

excellent and unique night out. Even better, it will give you plenty to talk about at dinner afterwards and

leave you with plenty of adrenaline-infused euphoria.


Are you in Edmonton? Come to West Edmonton Mall’s coolest attraction and fire on our ranges. The Wild West Shooting Range will make the night the most memorable date ever. Head over to the range and choose your gun.


No experience is required at the shooting range and, of course, you do not need to be licensed to carry a

gun in order to take part in the shooting. If both of you are new to the world of guns and shooting

ranges, don’t worry. When you come in to Wild West, you will be greeted by our very informative staff

who will help you through the whole process and make sure you are safely enjoying yourselves. We

want you to enjoy yourself from start to finish, not to feel intimidated!

If are starting to think like this sounds like something you’d like to do, then just remember a few things.

We would probably not recommend this as a first date. You will want to make sure you are comfortable

with the person you are with, and vice versa. This is definitely a great bonding experience and

something that will leave you with plenty of conversation and great memories; however, shooting for

the first time can be a bit nerve-wracking itself, without also feeling nervous about the person you’re

with (or dealing with those first date jitters).


Also, even if you happen to be an avid shooter yourself, your date may not end up being as excited for it.

Both of you should be eager to take part in the sport; however, firing a gun may not be on everyone’s

bucket list! It is best to share this exhilarating date with someone you know (maybe date number four!).

Finally, this is not a “surprise” date. If you are now both amped up to come in, be sure that the activity

of the date is revealed beforehand. A dress and open-toed shoes are great for a dinner out, but not so

great on the shooting range. We suggest wearing high-necked shirts and comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

You will be standing on your feet for a while so, while we all appreciate some good stilettos, they may

not be your best choice!

With these things in mind, we welcome you to come down and share a thrilling date night with us!