The Tanfoglio family is in the firearms business from the first years of 900 when Bortolo Tanfoglio, father of Giuseppe, was manufacturing and assembling in his factory in Magno, a little village above Gardone Val Trompia in Brescia County, sidelocks for all the local manufacturers of external hammers shotguns.

In 1986 Fratelli Tanfoglio designed a pistol for the IPSC competitions; after that first model several ones were made for all the IPSC and IDPA categories and till today the pistols made by Fratelli Tanfoglio has won the IPSC World Championship (three times), the European Championship (twice) and many National events all over the world confirming the high quality reached by Fratelli Tanfoglio products.



  1. I have shot Tanfoglio since 1991 when I bought a Silver team match in 38 super, I currently have a Teal LTD Custom in 10mm Special, HAHA .40 S&W I also have a P9 Witness Team in 9x21mm I have always counted on my Tanfoglio and they have been durable and reliable guns and always innovative, If you have been shooting as long as I have you know that the CZ Shadow 2 is a copy of Tanfoglio’s race guns so choose the gun that is always first. I will probably be buying a Stock III or II in 9mm soon.

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